Early Language Concepts


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  • Early Language Concepts

Relax in the comfort of home as you show these to your child. Model the words as you teach them to understand and say these concept words.

Concept words are descriptive words which give us more information and add colour to our language e.g. big/small,fast/slow etc. Model how you use them in a sentence and have your child learn to use them too.

Help them understand more, use longer sentences, discuss things, understand ‘opposites’, make connections, participate more in conversations and much much more. Suitable for children with special needs or speech and language problems. Follow the suggestions in the handy booklet provided with this pack.

Designed with parents in mind. Handbag size in case you need to be on the go. Very convenient for a trip to the park, grandparents or while on long car trips.

'I use these as part of my work as children can see what the concept is quite clearly. I can highly recommend them.' Natasha Halla, Speech & Language therapist.