The 'S' pack (download)

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  • The 'S' pack (download)

The ‘my child can’t say…’ series was developed due to the demand from parents and staff of children who are not able to access speech therapy for one reason or another. Google analysis showed that thousands of parents were searching for help each month.

The ‘S’ pack helps parents work through the process of discrimination, production and generalisation of the sound ‘s’. Written by Consultant Speech & Language Therapist Libby Hill with delightful, child-friendly illustrations by Laura DA Radford, Primary School Teacher.

Potential hearing issues which have interrupted the development of speech sounds, means that the longer (friction-type) sounds sch as 's' and 'f' are difficult for a child. You can't just correct him every time he gets it wrong, as that might put him off talking and it isn't good for his self esteem.

This pack shows you how to work though a process like a speech and language therapist would, which will embed the sound into the child's own sound system so he can use it in everyday talking.

'I couldn't get any help so we were grateful for this pack. Ruby had such an awful lisp and we worked very hard to sort it out! Even her teacher can see the difference'. Trudy mother of Ruby aged 8 years.

'Sam couldn't say 's' sounds which made it hard for him. He couldn't say 'f', 'v' or 'z' either but the pack worked well. We even enjoyed sitting down together to do his 'work'. Rebecca Blake.