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  • Put Things Together

Relax in your home as you show these lovely cards to ! your child. Enjoy modelling each word and help them chat about each one. Teach them logic and verbal reasoning, as you expand their knowledge about things around them. Encourage them to copy your sentences and tell them all you know about the item. Then, show them how certain pictures match or go together for some logical reason. Explain why they match and give examples of why others do not. Enjoy bonding with your child as you look at these together and use the handy booklet provided as a guide.

These can be used to also help to improve their listening, turn-taking, social skills and general conversational skills. Suitable for children with special needs or speech and language problems.

Handbag size in case you need to be on the go! Very convenient for a trip to the park, grandparents or while on long car trips!