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Selectively mute children are at a significant disadvantage personally, socially and educationally. This unique manual emphasises practical assessment and treatment and provides advice and information, filling a significant gap in the availability of suitable resources in this field.

Uses an approach based on behavioural principles and a hierarchy of stages of confident speaking originally conceived by Anthony Glassberg. Summarises relevant literature and theory and provides detailed ideas on assessment and management.

Includes case examples, photocopiable material, and a discussion about progress, transfer and discharge. Written for teachers, clinical and educational psychologists, speech language therapists, child psychiatrists and parents.



Frequently asked questions

General assessment considerations and implications

Preliminary investigation Child interview and assessment

Creating the right environment: advice for home and school

General treatment considerations

Overview of the treatment progression

A structured treatment programme

Eliciting speech for the first time

Generalising speech across people and settings

Effective practice

Parent and teacher support

Letting go

Illustrations of intervention.