The SLI Handbook


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  • The SLI Handbook

What YOU need to know about Specific Language Impairment: What it means, looks, feels and sounds like, and how to get help.

This book will help parents to understand this complicated and confusing difficulty, by describing what SLI can look like in children of all ages and how it is different from other forms of speech, language and communication needs.

It explains the processes that children with SLI may go through once they have the right diagnosis. It also outlines the kinds of schools available to them with examples of what good support looks like.

'I highly recommend this book to parents because it explains SLI so well. No-one knew what dyslexia was 20 years ago, now everybody does. My wish is that SLI was as readily understood. A difficulty with spoken language has such far reaching consequences and can be devastataing for the child and their family.' Libby Hill, Speech & Language Therapist

ISBN: 978-1-908173-00-3