About Us

We are a speech and language therapy team called Small Talk, who work with children and families who have a wide variety of speech, language and communication difficulties. We see children with minor issues such as lisps through to complex communication problems with or without other conditions such as ASD or ADHD.

We know that speech, language and communication problems are on the increase but access to a qualified speech and language professional may be difficult. We also know, that parents  are using the internet to search for help and are concerned that the quality of advice is often lacking. Parents can be confused by the information, mislead or even ripped off!

We have only included tried and tested products for parents to use at home. Some of these we have designed, while others come  from reputeable companies in the UK and Ireland. They have all been used by our speech and language therapy team and tested by our clients.

These is the first range of materials which we will extend and expand over time. We would be very happy to receive feedback or suggestions about what you have found useful or would like to see included. You can contact us via the form on the contacts page or email [email protected]